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Kong HandiPOD Poop Starter Kit Large

A new way to bring out the pick-up bags in style. HandiPOD comes with refillable pick-up bag and hand sanitizer gel with interchangeable LED flashlight. This Starter Kit comes with all components: Pooh Pickup Bag Pod, Hand Sanitiser Pod, 100 Lumen LED Flashlight Pod. Both the Dog Waste Pick-up Bag & Hand Sanitizer Gel Pods have refill options available.

Each - $49.50

Additional Information

Note: the Sanitiser POD cannot be refilled with a different sanitiser you need to buy the refill POD.

The KONG HandiPOD Clean Dispenser is a convenient way to carry your dog's waste and poop bags while on a walk or on-the-go. The included carabiner clip allows you to attach it to your dog's leash, your waist, or any convenient location.

Pack comes with 3 rolls of sturdy, dog waste and poop bags with handles. Large = 15 bags per roll.

Large bag = 34.5cm x 23cm (with handle)

Large = 14cm x 5cm diameter
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