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Frolicat Dart Duo

FroliCat™ is a line of innovative fun cat toys to provide the ultimate in in interactive play for your feline friends. DART DUO is an automatic rotating light with two lasers for shared play with multiple cats and dogs. Place the toy on the floor, turn it on, and watch them play! Two lasers move in a circle, darting and switching directions in random patterns. The unpredictable movement entices your pets to dart, pounce, and chase the red dot.

Each - $84.50

Additional Information
Each laser spins in a circle on opposite sides so pets aren’t competing for the same laser. 4 adjustable speed and 4 timer settings create 16 engaging play combinations.

- Two lasers for double the fun
- Random circular laser patterns
- 360-degree laser patterns that change directions unpredictably
- Fun exercise for cats and dogs
- Variable speed settings: slow, medium, fast, or variable
- Adjustable timer: 5, 10, 15, or 20 minute playtime
- Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)

To ensure safe play with your pets, please follow these safety warnings:
- Do not aim the laser light directly into the eyes of pets or people. Avoid direct eye exposure. Laser radiation is emitted from this product.
- Always supervise pets playing with pet toys. This product is intended for pets, not for children. Do not allow small children to use this product to play with your pet without adult supervision.
- Inspect this product periodically for damage and discard it immediately if it appears worn or broken.
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