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Transcat - Clear Cat Door Electronic Unit

This electronic unit allows your cat to enter while leaving unwanted cats outside. Your cat wears a magnet on their collar and the unit senses when your cat is close and releases the door allowing them to get in and out. The unit is fitted to the Transcat cat door and additional magnets are also available for when you have more than one cat. Takes AA batteries (not supplied). Comes with one magnet and magnet holder. Click on picture for more information.


Electronic Unit General Guidelines

NOTE: The electronic unit will be supplied with instructions, which includes images. The following information should be used as a guide only.

Method of Operation
Your cat wears a small magnet cushioned in a soft, lightweight holder which may be attached to any type of collar. A sensor in the electronic unit will release the cat door latch when your cat approaches, allowing your cat to enter. Only cats wearing a magnet will be allowed to enter.

In order to fit the electronic unit, follow these steps:

1. If the cat door is an existing installation, remove the four screws holding the cat door in place and remove the door.

2. Carefully break out the plastic panels from both parts of the cat door. Remove these two pieces of plastic using a pair of pliers and discard. Alternatively a hacksaw can be used to cut down each side and then pressure applied to twist the piece of plastic out.

3. Remove the lid of the electronic unit using a small coin, and fit the four AA size batteries observing the polarity shown on the battery holder. The unit will click once when the batteries are first inserted. Alkaline batteries are recommended for proper operation.

NOTE: The unit will emit a beeping sound when activated by the collar magnet to indicate that the batteries need replacing.

4. Fit the electronic unit into the door. If the unit does not slide into place, a sharp knife may be used to carefully trim the sides of the door.

5. Fit your Transcat Cat Door by following the instructions provided on the box containing the cat door. The Transcat Cat Door can be fitted into most doors and walls and it is ideally suited to glass applications. If it is intended to fit the unit into a double glazing panel the hole size must be slightly bigger, @ 275mm diameter, than the 267mm required for single pane glass. For fitting into other materials proceed as follows.

6. If your Transcat Cat Door is fitted into a material which is more than 6mm thick (such as a wooden panel type door) it will be necessary to use a 3-6mm thick supporting material such as plywood to place the cat door into before refitting it back into your panel door.

7. Fit the magnet onto your cat’s collar so that it hangs underneath the cat’s neck.

8. Test that the cat can enter and exit through the door.

Troubleshooting - If you require assistance with installing or operating your door or electronic unit, please email

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