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Small Dog / Puppy Training Pads - Dogit

Dogit Puppy Training Pads are great for housebreaking puppies as well as for dogs at any stage of life. The pads have an enticing scent that helps attract dogs, helping to ensure that your pooch always goes to the right place. Thanks to their unique triple leak-guard quilted design and super-absorbent polymer technology, the pads effectively absorb moisture and odours. They also have a fast-drying surface that instantly locks in moisture, keeping paws dry and preventing moisture tracking. Each p

Pack 30 - $18.50

Additional Information

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they can be used in a variety of places, including dog homes, crates, and carriers. Unlike trainer pads made for human use these pads are specifically designed to handle small paws.

Size: 45 cm L x 30 cm W

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