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KA420 Miami Cat Pole

There is nothing like it on the market. All fully built from solid wood here in New Zealand by ComfyPet craftspeople whose motto is "Buy once & buy right". This product comes with a guarantee on the quality of the structural workmanship for 10 years. Available in light or dark colour.


Additional Information
This product is made in the factory here in NZ so we can guarantee they are "wobble free".

This furniture comes fully made up so you know that it is structurally sound and not just held together by screws/bolts you have to try and tighten yourself.

The solid base has double thickness and makes a great place for your cat to sleep on.

The sturdy pole is 1500mm high and comes with a nice thick rope for your cat to play with. Overall height is 1590mm.

Bottom is 630mm square and top is 480mm square.

Suitable for kittens and adult cats.
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