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KA500 Waikiki Cat Tower

There is nothing like it on the market. All fully built from solid wood here in New Zealand by ComfyPet craftspeople whose motto is "Buy once & buy right". This product comes with a guarantee on the quality of the structural workmanship for 10 years. Available in light or dark colour.


Additional Information
The KA500 Double level Waikiki is great for all size of cats. Provides a great hidey place to sleep as well to keep a look out from. The double platform with toy provides a great play area.

This will look great in your house as made to the highest specification using top quality materials. This is made from solid wood no use of "weetbix" chipboard. Base and each level is made from Triboard which is the strongest MDF available.

Available in light or dark carpet. These are generally made to order.

Dimensions (all in mm):

Overall height 1050mm
Base W540 x D530 mm
Level 1 W480 x D480 mm
Level 2 W433 x D433 mm
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