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Staywell Cat Door 4 Way Locking Manual

Generously sized for cats up to 7kg there is a strong flap with added weather stripping for better weather resistance. The strengthened 4-Way locks give you 4 options to control your cat’s access in and out of your home: opened, locked, in-only (cat can come in but not go out) and out-only (cat can go out but not come in). Suitable for fitting in glass, wood, PVC, metal doors or windows


Size Guide


Overall size: 252 mm x 241 mm

Cut out size: 175 mm x 168 mm

Glass cut out: 212 mm diameter circle

Maximum pet shoulder width: 150 mm
Maximum pet weight: 7 kg
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Tunnel Extension


The Staywell 310 Tunnel Extension is designed for use with the Staywell 300 4-Way Locking, Staywell 400 Magnetic and Staywell 500 Infra-Red Electronic cat flaps to make them "self-framing" in a wall of any thickness.

Each tunnel section is 45mm wide.  Multiple units can be used to reach the full thickness of a wall.

Each of these cat flaps is already self-framing for installation in a door so tunnel sections are only required for a wall installation or in the case of a very thick door.

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