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Staywell Cat Door 4 Way Locking Infra Red

Generously sized for cats up to 7kg there is a strong flap with added weather stripping for better weather resistance. The strengthened 4-Way locks give you 4 options to control your cat’s access in and out of your home: opened, locked, in-only (cat can come in but not go out) and out-only (cat can go out but not come in). Suitable for fitting in glass, wood, PVC, metal doors or windows. Infra red collar key means only your cat can access.


Size Guide


Suitable for Glass & Wood Fitting

Suitable for Cats up to 7kg
Overall Size: 252mm x 241mm
Cut Out Size:
- Wood: 175mm x 168mm
- Glass: 212mm Diameter
Maximum Pet Shoulder Width: 150mm
Operated by Infra-red collar key. Access for your cat only.   Supplied with one collar key and Staywell collar.

Additional collar keys of the same colour must be purchased for multiple cat owners.
Requires 4 x AA batteries (batteries should be replaced every six months).  Audible low battery indicator (door emits a beeping sound when batteries are low).

The range for the collar key is approximately 15cm.
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Tunnel Extension


The Staywell 310 Tunnel Extension is designed for use with the Staywell 300 4-Way Locking, Staywell 400 Magnetic and Staywell 500 Infra-Red Electronic cat flaps to make them "self-framing" in a wall of any thickness.

Each tunnel section is 45mm wide.  Multiple units can be used to reach the full thickness of a wall.

Each of these cat flaps is already self-framing for installation in a door so tunnel sections are only required for a wall installation or in the case of a very thick door.

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