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Cosy Fleece Coat - 40cm

Designed for a close fit to keep your dog cosy and warm during chilly winter days and nights. Easy to fit strong zipper attachment along the backline. Also great for dogs that feel the cold or after surgery or for when you want to keep their coat clean.


Size Guide

Measure your dog from the collar to the base of their tail to get the best sized coat for your furry friend.

Toy Breeds, Chihuahua, Toy Poodle

Approx 20cm from neck to tail

Weighs up to 3kg

Jack Russell, Pug, Maltese, Shihz Tzu, Pomeranian, Minature Poodle

Approx 30cm from neck to tail

Weighs 4 – 7kg

West Highland Terrier, Corgi, Minature Schnauzer, Minature Poodle

Approx 35cm from neck to tail

Weighs 8 - 12kg

Kelpie, Bulldog, Whippet, Bull Terrier, Shar Pei, Border Collie

Approx 45cm from neck to tail

Weighs 13 – 20kg


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