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AiKiou Interactive Feeder - Green

The AïKiou (pronounced IQ) “dog Slow Feeder”was the first interactive feeder developed in 2008. It can be used for slowing your dogs ingestion speed and reduce anxiety by having a fun eating experience. Because we all know that dogs have a tendency to eat too fast, using a slow feeder just makes sense. But dogs like to forage too, so we thought about making your dogs meal not only healthy by reducing his speed of ingestion but also fun by having him experience the fun of digging for food.

Each - $56.00

Additional Information

Size 37.5cm x 32.5cm x 7cm – 14 holes for food


Fun to use, dogs like to search and experience finding their own food with their sense of smell. After all, they were designed for that and are much more capable than we are. Have you ever wondered why we used dogs to search for smell, it’s because it’s natural for them and they crave it. So is this making them work for their food or just experience what they like to do. After all, they do like to dig everywhere so why not in their food bowl?


THINK - Your dog must first learn and search for his food making it fun to discover

EAT - While small, openings are made so he will use his tongue and eat slower

DIG IN - Your dog has to move the lid like digging in the yard to get access to food

SENSE - Like a search dog, smell of the hidden food will trigger his senses

WEIGHT CONTROL - Your dog will learn to eat at a slower pace and get more healthy

DOG BLOATING - Bloating is due to your dog eating too rapidly and can be reduced using a dog slow feeder

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