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Room Fresh

RoomFresh is a hoover in a bottle and is a fantastic odour neutraliser used by commercial operators. RoomFresh contains Fresh English Lavender and Neroli essential oils, plus a powerful charcoal based odour neutraliser. Perfect to freshen a room and remove odours, or spray directly onto your pet to neutralise odours. RoomFresh is a beautiful purifying fragrance and ABSORBS ALL SMELLS RoomFresh is designed to neutralise airbourne smells or spray directly onto surfaces such as bedding


Additional Information
  • Charcoal based room and furniture spray
  • No sickly fragrances
  • (contains natural Glenbrook lavender)
    Based on natural charcoal to absorb odours
  • Contains natural bacteria eliminators
    Unique product for NZ (Nothing like it on the market)
    Absorbs all odours
  • Can be sprayed on pets fur, bedding, & furniture
  • Safe to use around animals and humans
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