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Catit Senses Roundabout Toy

Your cat will have a ball with this cool interactive toy which is designed to encourage your cat to exercise and play. The toy contains a revolving ball that is propelled by a spinning rod. Simply press the start button to make the ball go round and round. The revolving ball will attract your feline's attention and entice it to play as well as exercise. The tip of the rod has fibre-optic bristles that glow in the dark for added visual attraction. The ball also contains catnip.

Each - $59.50

Key Features

- Revolving, catnip-filled ball attracts cat's attention 
- Rod tip has glow-in-the-dark fibre-optic bristles for added visual attraction 
- Windows all around for a clear inside view 
- Multiple openings for easy access to the ball 
- Can be added to other Catit Senses products (sold separately) to create complete sensory activity centre 
- Battery operated (3 x AA batteries included) 
- Catnip included (3 g) 

This toy is sized 24cm x 24cm x 8.5cm. 
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