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NRG+ Health Supplement for Dogs & Pups

100% natural health supplement for dogs of all ages. Excellent for itching and scratching. Gives extra energy and a great shiny coat. Helps prevent constipation and hair loss. Helps control fleas. Great for skin conditions & allergies. Aids with arthritis, dysplasia and ill health.


  • 1-15kg - 1 teaspoon a day
  • 15-30 - 2 teaspoon a day
  • 30-45 - 3 teaspoon a day
Ideally double your dogs daily dose for 10 days then back to regular feeding guide onwards
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More Information
The following dogs’ health conditions are known to respond extremely well to NRG+.

The red raw patches that appear on your dogs coat, that cause irritation. This is scientifically linked to the digestive tract and with NRG+ full of vitamins and minerals and trace elements, will treat the CAUSE not the SYMPTOM, it is a waste of time using topical creams you have to treat your dog from the inside out.

This condition unfortunately affects 1 in 5 of our dogs. Stiff sore joints, difficulty sitting standing, change in mood and energy. NRG+ can thankfully ease the discomfort by supporting the growth of cartilage due to the combination our products.

When your dog is sick it’s vitamin, mineral and trace element levels are depleted, also when trying to help your dog lose weight we often cut back on the food we are giving him which in turn cuts back on valuable nutrients. NRG+ will bring these levels back up to its proper level, think of it as a multivitamin for dogs, a quick and easy way to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Essential fatty acids are key to a healthy coat, dull coats are normally a sign of nutrient deficiencies. NRG+ dogs coats always are shining!

older animals tend to absorb fewer vitamin minerals through intestinal tract, their bodies are simply less efficient. Increasing their daily intake with NRG+ will bring them back to the proper level.

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